Finland is the most advanced digital economy in the EU (DESI). Finland is a pioneer in digital health and the first country in the world that has digitized national health registries originating in the 1960’s, along with digitized biobank data dating back to the 1920’s. The combination of Finland’s digital mindset and approach to solving healthcare problems with our rich data repositories has enabled us to address patients' problems utilizing real-world data. There is 100% penetration of electronic health records (EHR) and Finland has the only EHR in the world where clinical and social data are layered on top of each other. Furthermore all Finns have 100% access to their EHR and encouraged to contribute to it.

In May 2019 Finland approved legislation on the secondary use of health data, which elevates research and innovation opportunities across health and wellbeing, disease prevention, and predictive and personalized medicine including new methods of treatment. Pharma, CROs (contract research organization), and drug development companies can access this data through the upcoming Findata, the national one-stop-shop.

The combination of population-based biobanks, innovation-friendly legislation, comprehensive healthcare registers, electronic medical records, and the nation's isolated gene pool represents true Real World Evidence. This unique resource creates and ideal environment for advancing targeted drug discovery as well as more effective and efficient clinical research and trials.

Finland has made significant advances in healthcare AI and AR/VR. We are the first to have applied AI and deep learning in healthcare.